History simply repeats itself ….


In history, May 15th is a black day.

On this day in the year 1948, the Israeli entity was established on the land of Palestine, and the refugee displacement series, which pushed Lebanon and still the price of their cause, began to adhere to their sacred right to return, and refused to resettle, based on a sacred phrase also, which appeared in the introduction to the constitution, and stated in it No partition, no division, no localization.

On this day in 2013, large slogans raised by some fell locally, and they were absent from a parliamentary session that was supposed to pass the election law known as the Orthodox, which achieves proper representation, one hundred percent for all Lebanese components, pending the establishment of the secular state … A blow from the inside to the charter, balance, and national partnership that were on the way to verification, so that her return was delayed by four years thereafter, that is, until the approval of the current election law, based on relativity with a preferential vote, while giving expatriates the right to vote from countries of expansion …

This is in history.

As for today, history simply repeats itself …

Perhaps not by events and facts, but of course, by mentalities and practices.

In the matter of the Charter, it was a body that seeks balance and points that insist on imbalance.

With regard to development, it was a body that seeks to achieve, and destinations that have no interest except obstruction.

And this is how it is today, despite what we have reached: a party that seeks to save, and points stabbed in the back.

Today, the government is negotiating the International Monetary Fund, in an effort to pull Lebanon out of the economic and financial quagmire.

To coincide with the launch of the negotiations, the same bodies that caused the great damage, blame those who work for the rescue, putting sticks daily in the wheels.

In this context, for example, a website affiliated with a political party came out, with an article that he described as private, whose title says: “Gibran attends Baabda online sessions and Diab plans to lay hands on administrations.”

At the same time, the leader of a party claiming chastity and claiming principle, has rushed to shoot at the decisions of the Supreme Defense Council in relation to smuggling, and the government’s decisions on electricity, knowing with certainty the importance of the files in the eyes of the international community, from which quick help is sought.

In parallel, a politician took upon himself the task of sniping on the negotiating delegation with the International Monetary Fund, absolutely against some of its members, the strangest attributes … coinciding with the harmony of Wahab announcement that he would submit a news earlier this week to Judge Ali Ibrahim regarding a file that we can restore by opening tens of millions The dollars, he said, so that the money-back file does not remain speechless, stressing that all of his papers are ready so that he is not news in the air or to the media.

Concurrent with the Wahhab Wahhab announcement, Deputy Major General Jamil al-Sayyed responded to the speech of the former MP Walid Jumblatt yesterday to the OTV, where he tweeted thus: Al-Baek said on the OTV I did not tell the president about the appointments … what is the story of a political team backed by a former Lebanese officer from the days of my beloved Khadam and Shihabi! Certainly not, we want you to knock on all doors until we designate Fuleihan at the Banque du Liban, and he is sick of money markets, as a police station, and Walid Ammar’s excuse for health … Your problem with the mir “, concluded the master.

In any case, the debates are not the basis, and the bids are far from the substance.

The important thing today is salvation, and if the Lebanese, after all that happened, are ready yet to hear more empty talk, then of course they are not in the category of games in which some politicians spend their time, because these people do not need time to think about living, school, university, hospital and other The concerns of the life that the Lebanese are busy with.

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