Hisham Selim reveals in a television interview that his daughter had become a boy


Saleem said during a television interview, “I am surprised that she is transformed. From the moment she was born, I was seeing that her body was a body born from the first day, and I had doubt.”

He added that “his daughter is bold and courageous to take this decision in Egyptian society.
He explained that “his daughter is now 26 years old and she told him when she was 18 that she feels that she lives in a body other than her.”

He revealed that he had received the news by asking what was required of him, and he encouraged his son to continue his life the way he saw it.

Salim pointed out that “Nour” was the closest to him among his sons and lived with him for a long time, and in the beginning there were exchanges between them because he always dealt with him in the female form as he used to for 18 years, and this caused the wrath of his son in the beginning, but now everyone is accustomed to talking to him in the masculine form .

Salim stated that, until now, his son is facing a problem with the civil registry to extract his card. The old card is expired and he wants to extract it as a male, but they refuse to do so, and he is subjected to sexual transitions so that he can extract it in the new form.

The famous actor affirmed that he pitied his son and many others in the community who do not yet understand these matters.


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