Hisham Abdel-Rasoul: I did not have a means to work … and Jouhari’s determination was unforgettable


Hisham Abdel-Rasoul, the star of Minya and the former national team of Egypt, revealed that he preferred to stay away from the footballing center because he does not have a “medium” that enables him to appear in football positions.

Hisham Abdel-Rasoul said, in a telephone interview to Radio On Sport via the program “Your morning laughs” with the media Ahmed Khairy, “My last training experience was the leadership of Luxor after leaving Fayoum Club, but I preferred to stay away from the footballing center because I do not have” “Wasta”“.

Hisham Abdel-Rasoul added, “I do not have a training apparatus, nor an agent or media. Certainly, they will have no place in any position in the footballing center.”

On his memories with the Egyptian national team, the star of Minya said, “I presented distinguished matches with the Pharaohs in the World Cup qualifiers and I will not forget the role of the late Mahmoud Al-Jawhari with me. He used to tell us in the lectures, I do not need a name. I have a star with his player Adela 10 instructions they implement on the field.

Hisham Abdel-Rasoul continued, “El-Gohary is not just a coach for my generation. He is a father. I will not forget standing by me in the hospital when I was exposed to the famous car accident. I found him a man in the full sense of the word, he did not leave the hospital and he remained beside me receiving my family and friends to reassure them. Against them he gained all our hearts“.

Hisham Abdel-Rasoul is one of the stars of the 90th generation who starred with our first team in the World Cup 90 qualifiers and crowned the title of Egypt’s top scorer in the preliminaries before he assassinated a painful car accident he suffered on the Nile Corniche dream of being in the World Cup despite his brilliance in the World Cup qualifiers.

The essential He was the first to coach the Al-Ahly and Zamalek teams in the history of Egyptian football, and he achieved many achievements for both teams. He succeeded in winning the first African championship in the history of Al-Ahly, which is the African Champions League in 1982, and he also succeeded with Zamalek in winning the African Championship of the League Champions Clubs in 1993, And win the African Super Cup.

Under his leadership, Egypt won the title of the African Nations Championship in 1998, to be the first coach to win African nations as a player and coach, as he won the cup with the Egyptian team in 1957 and 1959 and was the championship’s top scorer..

He also managed to reach the team to the World Cup in 1990 for the second time in its history, and led the national team to win the gold medal in the 1992 Arab Games that were held in Syria..

Just as he presented honorable accomplishments in training a number of clubs inside Egypt, he also won many championships for a number of Gulf clubs, including the Saudi Hilal and the Jeddah Union, and Sharjah and UAE unity and led the Oman team in the Gulf Cup in 1996.

In 2002 he took over the Jordanian team’s training and technical supervision of Jordanian football, and led the first team to reach the 2004 Asian Nations Cup finals in China for the first time in the history of Jordanian football, and climbed the team to the last four.


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