Hibernation is a global phenomenon that scientists warn of threatening life on Earth


Astronomers issued a warning regarding Hibernation In a cosmic phenomenon that leads to the blocking of the sun and its release of a small amount of solar energy, which results in extreme cold weather and earthquakes.

Scientists warn of the phenomenon of sun slumber Scientists expect that the earth will enter the stage of profoundly receding sunlight, with no sunspots actually appearing, according to reports published in the British newspaper The Sun.

Tony Phillips has made clear astronomer in his statements. Today, Earth is already getting a profoundly minimal amount of solar energy, indicating a weakening of the sun’s magnetic field, which leads to additional cosmic rays entering the solar planets.

Philips added that the extra cosmic rays represent a great danger to astronauts and travelers in the polar air, as they have a negative impact on the formation of electrochemistry in the upper layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in the appearance of lightning.

Delton Minimumum phenomenon NASA scientists fear that the dormancy of the sun may cause the phenomenon of Delton Minimum once again, such as that occurred between 1790 and 1830, which led to the suffering of the planet from the severe cold, the lack of growth of agricultural crops, the loss of which caused famines, and many revolutions of Volcanoes.

When the world passed through this phenomenon, the temperature had decreased to 2 degrees Celsius over 40 years, which led to the destruction of agricultural crops, which are the main source of food in the world.

It is worth noting that this year the sun released blank sunspots 76% of the time, and this percentage was exceeded by 1% last year.

Astronomical studies have previously revealed that despite the dormancy of the sun unlike other stars in space, it is the only source of light and heat to the Earth’s surface.

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