He revealed the truth about the death of the artist, Fayrouz – thought and art – east and west


The Lebanese artist Ziad Rahbani’s press office denied the rumors circulating on the communication sites about the death of the Lebanese art icon, Fairuz.

The statement of the office stated in press statements that Mrs. Fayrouz was in good health, and she did not visit the hospital even at home.

Rima Rahbani, the daughter of the artist, Fayrouz, posted a post on “Facebook”, in which she lied about the news that had been circulated, and reassured the fans of the artist that all family members were fine.

“These rumors are coming back every two months … their health is like iron,” Ghassan Rahbani was quoted as saying by the Lebanese newspaper, “An-Nahar”.

There were rumors earlier that the artist entered the American University Hospital in Beirut, where she died.



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