He published rare photos of Steve Jobs from 2007


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Google Reader designer Jason Schilin published previously unseen images from Google’s office in 2007, showing several shots with Apple founder Steve Jobs.

According to Shilin, the photos were taken in August 2007 in the company’s dining room. Jobs appears In the pictures alongside the main characters of Google, among them are one of the founders Larry Page, and Chairman Eric Schmidt.

The pictures show that they are discussing something together in the dining room, and Shilin explained that he took the photos during his last week of work with Google, and he remembers that he used a Palm Trio 680, which was released in 2006, to take it.

According to “9to5google”, the pictures were taken after a first release IPhone smartphone In January 2007, Schmidt was on stage while on the phone and talking about Google Maps and YouTube. Relations between the two companies have declined after Google released its own Android operating system.


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