“He kills the injured within days” … The University of Hong Kong warns against exposure to China


07:14 AM

Sunday 10 May 2020

Books – Mohamed Safwat:
In a report, the University of Hong Kong warned of a new Chinese epidemic caused by mice, after it defeated the new epidemic of Corona, according to official data and statistics issued by Beijing.

The “Chinadelli” website highlighted the report of the University of Hong Kong, which warns of an epidemic that affects the liver and kills the victim in a few days, pointing out that it is not a new disease, but it has evolved and became more fierce and deadly with those affected.

The University of Hong Kong, had warned of a mutation in the hepatitis disease, after the death of a 56-year-old citizen, last week, and doctors ’research had shown the relationship of mice to the disease and its deadly impact on humans.

The deceased underwent a liver transplant, and liver function showed abnormal activity without apparent reasons, while tests revealed that his immune system was responding to hepatitis E but he did not find his eye from hepatitis in his blood during screening tests.

It is known that hepatitis E causes fever and enlarged liver, and it spreads in various animals in four types known to humans, and only one of them affects humans.

According to the university’s report, the researchers developed the diagnostic test design, and revealed the first infection in history with a new type of hepatitis E virus in the deceased, marking the world’s first case of rat disease in the world.

The microbiologist and one of the researchers at the University of Hong Kong who made the discovery, Sadihareth Sridhar, says the discovery is unusual and made us ask a lot of questions.

He added that they have recorded 10 new cases of the disease in Hong Kong, the last of which was a man in his sixth decade, who was registered on the 30th of last April, warning of the danger of the spread of this virus and that it had infected hundreds without feeling.

According to the World Health Organization, the known strain that is transmitted from animals to humans is usually transmitted through fecal contamination of drinking water.

The 61-year-old patient had particularly troubled powers, there were no mice or their droppings at his home, no one else had symptoms in his family, and he had no recent travel history.

“Based on the available epidemiological information, it was not possible to determine the source and route of infection,” the Hong Kong Health Protection Center said in a statement on April 30.

The patient is still in hospital, receiving treatment, while the CHP has opened an investigation into these facts.

The research team and city authorities are trying to better understand this new health threat to take the necessary precautions, have improved diagnostic tests and published data among medical sector teams so that any similar cases are reported, and they launched a public awareness campaign.

Scientists are testing groups of mice across the city to try to determine whether mice contributed to an outbreak of pneumonia in 2003.

They try to find out the incubation period of the new disease and how it is transmitted to humans.


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