He chose to save Trump … Mofeed Fawzi blows a surprise on the death of Souad Hosni


The media, Moufid Fawzi, refused to save any of the two names, the Islamic preacher Ali Al-Jafri and Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi in the paragraph “Save Maine” in the program “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Daray” presented by Enas Al-Deghaidi on “Cairo and the People”, saying: “I don’t know them well, and I did not try to know them.” .

He continued: “I want to save Trump, because we will know from him the truth about this ICBM, and we know that he was right to hit it for the Chinese economy, and we also save him from some of his ideas, because he is a president and a businessman.”

Among Souad Hosni, Faten Hamama and Majida, Fawzi chose Souad Hosni, saying: “Because she was wronged and her art was violated by a director, I will not mention his name, and she went out sad, then some people reduced her to the love story of Abdel Halim Hafez, who is the owner of the brightest face on the cinema screen, and I will not forget that Faten A pigeon when she returned to Egypt told me I want to see the movie “My Wife and the Dog”, and she saw him in a cinema in Abbasiya after she disguised her clothes, and no one felt it.

He continued: “Souad Hosni was killed by addiction in the way that Salah Jaheen died, addiction to sedatives, and if she fell from her balcony, it would have appeared on her body, and her brother told me that he saw her in the morgue without scratching, and the Egyptian people have the pleasure of the scenario more than Osama Anwar Okasha and Waheed Hamid “.

In the passage of the worst of Corona, Fawzi said: “The absence of the serum that protects from corona, which made the whole world in a moment of stillness, and if it comes to me to save only one person, then I will save my blood and my tears, and I say to her” I live for you … so that I will be there In your heart, head and interests. ”

He added: “I lived the involuntary ban since March 2001 when the hopes of the mayor were gone. I had no choice but to befriend the unity, and in the end it taught me the etiquette of lack.”

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