Harley’s dog … a psychiatrist for a Mexican hospital staff


The Harley Terrier trained as a therapist contributes to relieving the stress experienced by the medical staff at a Mexican hospital during its response to the emerging corona virus.

Harley makes his way through the halls of the medical center accompanied by his friend, specialist in neuropsychology Lucia Ledesma, who wears a pair of yellow rubber shoes and a raincoat, as he covers his eyes with diving glasses, leaving his nose and mouth exposed, according to the French Press Agency.

This ivory dog ​​is ready for two hours playing with doctors and nurses fighting against the epidemic and finding a smile in the midst of the stressful days in which they live.

Lidesma, who calls her dog “the assistant therapist”, stressed that the presence of “Harley” helps her “relieve the psychological and emotional stress” of the medical workers facing the emergency.

The three-year-old “Harley”, who has visual impairment, has been part of the Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology at the National Medical Center since November 20.

He participates in the treatment of patients suffering from “psychological or neuropsychiatric diseases,” as his coach explained, adding: “From an early age, we trained him on this.”

Since February, Ledesma said, she and her team had considered integrating the dog into an emotional support project in anticipation of the stress that might result from the epidemic, especially among hospital staff.

Mexico City and the region around Mexico State are the most affected by Coved-19 across the country.

The capital, Mexico, recorded 12,456 injuries out of 47,144 injuries in the country, and 1,197 deaths out of 5,045 total deaths across the country, according to official figures.


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