“Hamza Moon Bibi” .. The Moroccan judiciary issues its verdict against Dunia Boutma


The investigative judge in the Marrakesh Elementary Court in Morocco decided to drop the charge of “participating in the monument” from Dunia Butma In the case of “Hamza Moon Bibi”, while still being placed on probation by withdrawing the passport and placing bail.

The judge pointed out that the other charges that are being pursued in this world are related to “participating in entering the system of automated processing of data by fraud, and deliberately participating in obstructing the functioning of this system, causing disturbance to it and changing the way it is handled.”

“Butma” will also be tried for “broadcasting and distributing through information systems statements and pictures of people without their consent, and broadcasting false facts with the intent to prejudice the private life of people with the intention of defaming them, participating in that and threatening”.

The investigative judge’s decision included following up on the Moroccan artist in the event of a release, while her sister and two other suspects in pre-trial detention will be tried in the case of the Celebrity Scandal Account.

Source: Our Moroccan news


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