Hamada Anwar: Zamalek has no crisis in the return of the league


Hamada Anwar, a member of the Zamalek Board of Directors, confirmed that his club does not have any crisis in the return of the league if there is a decision that guarantees the safety of the players.

“The most important thing is the safety of the players, and it is not normal to compare with the rest of the leagues in the world because it is different,” Anwar said in comments to the program of Al Jamhro Altalah through the On Time Sport channel.

He explained that there are still 17 rounds that have not been played yet, and the competition is still in place. It is not logical to cancel the competition and the difference between Al-Ahly, the leader and the contractors, in second place, only 4 points.

He continued: “The state of the Egyptian league is different from other leagues in the world, and last year Zamalek was a difference from Al-Ahly, but the title went to the red team in the end.”

He pointed out that Zamalek is a great team and there is no crisis in completing the competition, but in the presence of guarantees for the safety of the players, and the return of the league is not easy.


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