Hamada Anwar: Ferrera isolated the players from the technical staff … and he was afraid to travel to Africa


Hamada Anwar talks about the reasons behind the success of the former Portuguese coach, Ferreira, with the team.

Hamada Anwar said during statements to the channel On Time Sport 2 on the third audience program presented by the media Ibrahim Fayek that Ferrera was isolating the players while eating in the camps and from the nervous personalities and always worried.

Hamada Anwar pointed to Ferreira’s fear of traveling to Africa and his constant worry, adding: Ismail Youssef added to his fear when he said to him: “This is the pilot and I fell 5 times.”

Hamada Anwar objected to the Football Association’s decision to reduce the number of foreigners in each team in the Egyptian league starting from the new season and to consider North African players as foreigners after it was considered a local player.

A board member said Zamalek For “The Seventh Day”, “Are we looking for development or retreat?! … We have to look at the strongest leagues in the world, we will find 11 players on the field of different nationalities, and if we are looking for actual development, we must stipulate special specifications in foreign players so that he is present in the league Al-Masry is the strongest and best player, as the presence of distinguished foreign players indicates the strength of competition in local competitions.

Hamada Anwar stressed that he sees that North African players were a great benefit to the Egyptian league by increasing the size of competition with the presence of special skills, and that reducing the number of foreigners will lead to a significant increase in the prices of local players, citing the increase in the goalkeeper prices in an exaggerated way since the prevention of the presence of foreign guards in the league Al-Masry said, “There are goalkeepers entering the forty and their prices are very high in the league, and a large segment of the Egyptian players did not reach the professional maturity in order to continue in the stadiums for years, so the presence of distinguished foreigners makes the difference in the league.”

Meanwhile, Zamalek officials refused to take any decision regarding the foreign trio “Congolese Capongo Kasongo, the striker of the team, and the Ivorian Razak Cisse, loaned to the ranks of the Alexandrian Federation, alongside the Moroccan Hamid Haddad, loaned to the Moroccan Raja Casablanca,” pending the vision of the French technical director Patrice Carteron Concerning them, besides waiting for the Football Association’s decision on the number of foreign players in the new season, especially after the member of the White Club’s board of directors made clear his objection to reducing the number of foreigners.


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