Halima Boland reveals the reason behind the success of the provocative Ramez Jalal-video program


Kuwaiti media revealedHalima BolandThe reason for the success of the landfill programRams crazy officialPresented by the Egyptian actorRamez GalalDuring the current Ramadan season.
“Ramez’s success is provocative … like it or not, he achieves overwhelming stardom,” Bulend said. Adults … this in itself is a success. “
She added: “But if we talked about the Egyptian defect … the defect is us, because the Ramiz program will always remain the lie that we all know its truth, and yet we wait to see it and be happy and it is lying to us.”
She concluded her speech on her program on Kuwaiti television, saying: “This is the true explanation for the success of Ramez the provocative … I mean, we all criticize and follow him, and this is the reason for its spread and provocative success among many.”


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