Halima Boland: I used cow urine for my hair!


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Kuwaiti journalist Halima Boland revealed the reason for her refusal to act, noting that she believes in specialization, as she was able to succeed as a female journalist but is afraid to fail in the field of art.

Halima said in TV statements: “The puzzles that I presented were a single experience in which I was shown in my true role as a media person … although I have been exposed to many works in Egypt from producer Mohamed Al-Sabki and Gulf series, but I totally refused … And I confirm that the experience of acting is completely rejected for me.” At present”.

She talked about her experience in India, saying: “I went with my family and my daughters to a clinic there in order to get rid of extra weight and take care of their health and purify their minds and bodies”, explaining that the two weeks they spent inside this clinic had a great advantage in improving her skin and health as a result of using all the natural things And stay away from phones, eating meat and relying on nature only for everything.

She explained that among the routine of caring for her hair during that period, cow urine was put on him for feeding and treatment, noting that they were also using western oils in the massages that they do, but they produced amazing results.

She advised all famous social media celebrities to preserve their success and achieve continuity, saying: “My advice to you is to describe your intention and respect your colleagues in the same field and stay away from shipping and scandals that are intended to achieve rapid fame because they do not last.”

As for the reason for calling it a “media phenomenon”, she made it clear that this title is not intended to be a temporary phenomenon and disappear .. rather, it is intended that it is a phenomenon that caused a big noise in its time and its continuity is due to God’s conciliation first and then proper planning in the coming stages, just as luck played She also played a big part in her fame, she said.

Kuwaiti media, Halima Boland, previously revealed the cause of the overwhelming success achieved by the Egyptian artist Ramiz Jalal through the prank program that he presents every year, explaining that everyone is waiting to see his program, even though they are aware that it is false and fabricated, as it is the only program that critics view before followers.

Halima said, on her program on Kuwaiti television: “Ramez’s success is provocative … like it or not, he is achieving overwhelming stardom .. We talk about 50 million viewership during the two-day period … We talk about this work becoming a daily trend on social media platforms … we talk It is about the talk of the little ones before the adults … this in itself is a success. ”

She added: “But if we talked about the Egyptian defect … the defect is us, because the Ramiz program will always remain the lie that we all know its truth, and yet we wait to see it and be happy and it is lying to us.”

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