Haftar’s withdrawal from the vicinity of Tripoli: a tactic or a military defeat?


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Al-Wataya Air Force Base, after the Al-Wefaq government forces seized it from Haftar forces

East Libya forces, affiliated to Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, announced their withdrawal from two to three kilometers from the vicinity of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on all fronts, asking an important question, during the past days, whether this withdrawal represents a real truce for the Libyans, during Eid Al-Fitr, as the spokesperson for these forces, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari said, or is it an acknowledgment of defeat, especially after the Haftar forces ’succession of strategic locations, most recently on top of which is the Al-Wattia Air Force Base west of Tripoli?

“We understand all the difficulties that our people suffer in Tripoli and the danger they face due to the hostilities of terrorists and Turkish mercenaries,” Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari said in a statement on Tuesday night / Wednesday. “Since the beginning of Ramadan, the Libyan National Army announced from One side, from the cease-fire, however the so-called Al-Wefaq government did not support this humanitarian initiative. Moreover, the terrorists, militias, and mercenaries, who claim to be fighting for the Libyan people, intensified during this period the shelling of residential neighborhoods, medical facilities, and cars Which tn Say humanitarian supplies. ”

Military defeat

However, while Al-Mismari spoke, that the withdrawal represented a repositioning of the forces of eastern Libya, supporters of the Al-Wefaq government believed that the man had erred in expression, and they considered that what happened was not beyond being another major defeat, by Field Marshal Hifter added to the multiple defeats that occurred With his forces recently.

Supporters of Al-Wefaq camp believe that the fall of the strategic al-Wataya air base, in the hands of the government forces, in addition to two towns in the western mountain, all of which were under Haftar’s control, was the main motive for the commander of the forces of eastern Libya, to take the step of withdrawal, which they consider was the only and inevitable option, In light of Haftar’s forces suffered many setbacks during the last period.

The opponents of Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter also consider that naming the leaders loyal to him, because of the fall of the patriotism that it was a “tactical withdrawal”, is nothing but a deception of his supporters in eastern Libya, and they point out that it is known that Hifter has not withdrawn for a whole year, from any A neighborhood that was seized in the Libyan capital, except by force, which makes the talk about the recent withdrawal, taking into account the feelings of the Libyans during Eid al-Fitr, an irrational talk.

Military tactic

But supporters of Haftar in Libya believe that it is too early to speak of a complete defeat for the forces of eastern Libya, and Haftar’s supporters consider that the forces of eastern Libya have already implemented a tactical withdrawal from the base of Watiyah, and that what they have done is at the heart of the military tactic, applicable in the battles And, perhaps, they said, in the context of preparing for future successes for the forces of eastern Libya, they said.

The statement of the Al-Karamah Chamber, affiliated with the Eastern Libya Forces, had said that Field Marshal Hifter had already withdrawn all the aircraft, air defense systems, the field hospital, and all medical and ambulance teams, so that the forces of the Al-Wefaq government found only a damaged damaged system, and scrap planes belonging to In 1980, upon its capture of Al Qaeda, Haftar’s forces also withdrew, according to the statement, 1,500 soldiers, with complete success without capturing the forces of the Al-Wefaq government, one soldier.

Proponents of Haftar consider that the fall of the Al-Watiyah base and the recent defeats of eastern Libya’s forces could not have taken place without strong Turkish support, through a fleet of drones, which played a decisive role in the capture of the base, and they add that the first beneficiary of recent developments is Turkey, whose influence in the region will increase, and which may seize the base of patriotism, will turn into a new starting point for its attacks in support of the reconciliation forces, which in their view represents a regional threat to the entire region.

In your opinion

Was the withdrawal of Haftar’s forces from the vicinity of Tripoli a tactic or a military defeat?

How confident are you that Hifter’s forces announced that the withdrawal is a truce for the Libyans on Eid al-Fitr?

How do you see the position of the Libyan leader after a series of defeats that have befallen his forces recently?

What do you think of what some say that it is too early to say a final defeat for Haftar’s forces?

How do you see the warnings issued by some about the increasing influence of Turkey in Libya?

What is the expected reaction from the regional powers supporting Hifter after the recent defeats?

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