Hackers steal 9 million EasyJet customers


The media this morning reported shocking news regarding the famous and low-cost British airline, EasyJet, which reported hacking by hackers, which exposed the data of nearly nine million of its customers to penetration, which is considered a precedent.

And the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC / BBC) revealed this morning that the low-cost airline EasyJet had been subjected to a piracy process, as the company officials described in the BBC this electronic piracy process as “very advanced” and that EasyJet I learned about this last January.

Although the company announced that the hackers had succeeded in accessing the credit card data of 2208 customers, it indicated that there are no indications of misuse of the information on the 9 million customers of the company whose data were exposed, and yet EasyJet says that it contacted Its clients to advise them to protect them and not be subject to phishing attacks.

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