Greece asks the European Union to resume flights


Greece has sent an official memorandum to the European Union regarding the resumption of flights between member states of the European Union, as part of the provisions of the second stage that Greece is taking to abolish the restrictive measures regarding facing the spread of the Corona epidemic.

The memorandum presented the rules and protocols for the resumption of air traffic during the tourist season, as Greece wants to start air traffic on the fifteenth of next June. The memorandum included several items, among them that every traveler must take a Corona virus test 72 hours before traveling, provide a document proving that there is no epidemic, and that Greece provide tourists with detailed information about the protocols to be followed within the country.

The items also included that wearing the medical mask will be mandatory for all crew members and passengers, and the trip does not include any drinks or food, and provision of Corona virus tests for tourists, and there will be quarantine centers in all tourist areas. The Greek government announced that British tourists can spend a vacation in Greece without restrictions, starting June 1.

This, and the member state of the European Union announced its plans to reopen the tourism sector in three stages, which could witness free travel to the country from the beginning of next month, in the absence of other problems.

For its part, the Greek Ministry of Interior announced that the country will also adopt a three-stage program to reopen travel between the mainland and its islands. The first phase began last Monday, when tourist business owners on the islands can return there in preparation for the flow of tourists.

The second stage, which is scheduled to start next Monday, that is, on May 18, will allow all tourism workers to travel to the islands, and if things go well, there will be no restrictions on travel to and from the mainland of Greece and the islands starting from the first. From June.

“Of course we will take precautions regarding requirements before traveling, but also the way we travel, the rules for social separation will apply, but we want to continue to show the hospitality that we are famous for,” Greek Tourism Minister Khari Theoukharis said.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has signed that Greece will be one of the first European countries to receive tourists again, after passing through the global epidemic crisis, “Corona”. Travel and tourism, over the past year, with the importance of the travel and tourism sector revitalized in the country’s economy, in addition to government awareness; This led her to take measures that should be praised, given her quick response to combat the Corona epidemic, by adopting urgent measures before the virus reached its lands.

The Greek government, with the public and private sectors, aimed to ensure the availability of protocols and standards to lift the country from the global crisis, to be the first among European countries to open its tourist destinations and its expanding beaches to receive tourists.

The report stated that, last year, the travel and tourism sector supported 850,000 jobs in Greece, equivalent to 20 percent of the country’s workforce, and the extension of the season beyond the summer led to an increase in visitors, bringing tourism production to 39.1 billion euros, of the output The gross domestic product, with a growth rate of 12.1%, compared to the previous year, after visitor spending reached about 21.3 billion euros, an estimated 30% of the country’s total exports.

It is expected that tourism will return to Greece, a kind of normal life at the beginning of June, as one of the largest German airlines confirmed that all commercial flights from Frankfurt to Athens will resume as normal next Monday. Greece has recorded 2744 cases of coronavirus so far, with 152 deaths, and the average age of death at 75.


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