Great mockery of Mohamed Abdo’s belly – photo


A great controversy was raised by a video of the Saudi artist, Mohamed Abdou, and the Lebanese zoologist, Laila Abdel Latif, where Laila, who had previously predicted the Corona virus last year, appeared to embrace and accept the Arab artist, which raised the amazement of the media pioneers.

Laila Abdel Latif is dangerous with her expectations, and this is what she said

Abdo praised through the video the cooking of Laila and the pleasure of the dishes she attends. He also saluted her mother after asking her name, saying: “May God bless you every year and you are fine, and we despise you to come and honor us and get to know you.”

Followers of Mohamed Abdo, marveled at the meeting that brought him together with divination according to their words, and they wondered if the Arab artist wanted to know his future from Laila Abdel Latif, but what drew their attention to his big stomach, what led some to ridicule him.

Laila Abdul Latif

Suleiman Al-Barnawi – Algeria


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