Grant criticizes Jordan’s allegations in “The Last Dance”


Los Angeles – Former Chicago Bulls player Horace Grant has harshly criticized club legend Michael Jordan for presenting a distorted reality in the “Final Dance” documentary, which detailed his final season with Bulls as part of his impressive NBA career.
In an interview with “ISBN” radio, Grant, who won the league title three times with Jordan, said that the famous documentary had been synthesized to suit Jordan.
“I say it was fun,” Grant said of the 10-part documentary, which ended on Sunday. But we know, like colleagues there, that 90% of it was nonsense on the truth. ”
He added, “It was not true, because much of what (Jordan) said about some of his colleagues had received responses … but it was removed from the documentary synthesis process, if you wanted to name it documentary.”
Grant’s strongest criticism was of Jordan’s allegations that he leaked what happened in the scenes and was published in the book “Jordan’s Rules”, which sheds light on the arcades of Bulls in the 1990-1991 season.
Grant said, “Lie, lie, lie. If Jay’s mother (Michael Jordan) had a grudge against me, let’s solve it like men. Let’s talk about it. Or we can settle things in another way. ”
“However, he says that I was the source behind this.”
Although Grant acknowledged his great friendship with the author of the book, Sam Smith, he insisted that he always respected the “sanctity of the dressing room” and said, “I would never enter personal matters there.”
Grant criticized Jordan’s behavior, crowned six times by league title with Bowles in the 1990s, with young players on the team, accusing him of being physically and verbally violent.
A portion of the documentary, which Jordan-owned production company contributed to the release, highlights a quarrel between the superstar and his teammate Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors coach, during the exercises.
Grant said he refused to submit to and feared Jordan “felt he could control me, but he made a lot of mistakes.”
He continued, “Because every time you confronted me, I replied. But with Will Purdue, Steve Kerr and young man Scott Burrell, things were painful. To see a leader pounce on young men in this way. ”
“I understand that in exercises you have to push and hit here and there, but if you speak directly and similar things … that was not required,” he added.
The ten-episode “The Last Dance” series was scheduled to air in June. But the game and sport competitions in general have ceased in the United States and the world, and the closing measures that kept millions in their homes to cope with the outbreak of the new Corona virus, prompted the appointment.
The documentary took its title from a note prepared before the 1997-1998 season by Pauls coach Phil Jackson, realizing that it will be his last season with the team regardless of whether he managed to lead him to the third title in succession or not.
In the end, legend Jackson and his superstar Jordan managed to lead Bulls to the third and sixth title in eight seasons.
The documentary revealed the details of the lives of legends for many, followed by step-by-step without make-up, and highlights the suffering of Jordan and Jackson in that season from the pressure caused by the efforts of General Manager Jerry Krause to get rid of the legendary coach and try to renew the team due to the aging of its members.
Krause had succumbed to the desire of Jordan and the owner of the club Rinsdorf not to give up Jackson, but he informed the latter that 1997-1998 would be his last season even if the team won all of its matches in the regular season and won the third title respectively. – (AFP)


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