Google launches ActionBlocks to help people with cognitive disabilities


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Source: Shorouq Muhammad – Toss News

Google launched the “ActionBlocks” feature which it had long promised as an app for Android phones, which greatly simplifies the tasks of an assistant. Google For people with cognitive and motor disabilities; They can call a family member, turn off the lights, or take a “selfie” photo with a single tap on the home screen, according to the “Engadget” website.

The new tool is for people with cognitive disabilities, as this system allows users and their caregivers to add assistant commands to the home screen of Android phones and tablets.

Each order is represented by a custom image that can be controlled with just one click, and its goal is to help more than 630 million people with forms of cognitive disability to live more independently.

Other new updates have also been released, in the Live Transcribe app which is also considerably more useful for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as the updated Android app can make your phone vibrate when someone close says your name, and it allows With names assigned to places and things, and easy search through previous conversations.

It is also available in seven new languages, including Albanian, Estonian and Punjabi.
On the other hand, the amplifier got only two updates, but they are very important; The updated Android version adds support for voice clarity from a Bluetooth headset.

You can also use Pixel Buds – Google Translate headphones – to help understand conversations, and if you have a Pixel phone, the second update can also boost the sound of anything that plays on your device, like a podcast or a YouTube video.


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