Google enables users to communicate by email in Google Duo


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Google enables users to communicate via email on Google Duo, today, Saturday, May 2, 2020 07:13 AM

Google is developing its Google Duo video calling app so that users can also communicate via email addresses along with phone numbers.

According to the Pocketnow website, Google is developing the Google Duo application to be suitable for the business as well as being a video calling application, in order to better serve users during the social spacing and work from home period due to an outbreak of Corona virus.

Google Duo will test the ability to allow users to search for contacts using their email address and start a video or voice call.

The Google Duo application is used by phone number only, but sometimes it is difficult for some users to communicate when one of the users does not know the other person’s phone number, especially in the business field and knows his email address only, so this step will facilitate a lot for users.

Google has announced an update to the Google Duo app, increasing the number of people with whom a group video call can be made from eight to 12.

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