Gold prices in Lebanon today, Wednesday


date of publication:
25-05-2020 7:17 AM – Last updated:
20-05-2020 10:23 AM

The price of gold in Lebanon came up against the local currency, “the Lebanese pound” and “the American dollar”, on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, for all gold bullets “24, 22, 18, 14” as follows: –

The price per gram of the 21-carat, the most widespread in the goldsmiths, was about 74,634 pounds, $ 49.23.

The price of a single gram of 24-carat, the most expensive, was 85,293 pounds, 56.26 dollars today.

The price per gram of 22 caliber about 78,186 pounds 51.57 dollars.

The price per gram of 18 carat reached 63,971 pounds, 42.19 dollars.

The price per gram of the 14-carat less category amounted to 49,755 pounds, 32.82 dollars.

The price of the gold pound is about 597,069 pounds, 393.81 dollars, and an ounce of gold is 2,652,627 pounds, 1,750 dollars, and a kilo of gold at 85,293,484 pounds 56,257 dollars.

Source: Al-Watania


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