Global health: Corona’s origin must be determined to reach a vaccine


Sylvie Brian, director of epidemiology at the World Health Organization, confirmed that disclosure of the origin of the emerging coronavirus is necessary “to understand how it evolves” in order to invade humans.

Sylvie said that the virus is “an animal of origin and passed on to humans. We must try to understand how the adaptation of this virus allowed it to invade the human race.”

She added that tracking the source of the virus by detecting the intermediate species carrying it “will prevent the recurrence of the phenomenon and prevent the give and take” in the transmission of infection between humans and animals.

She stated that the virus replicated in these animals, and during that there was a slight change in it, which eventually resulted in a type of virus that can be transmitted to humans.

And she explained that “every time the transmission takes place from one type to another, there may be a change in the virus. This will affect the treatments,” because the virus may develop resistance to vaccines that will then become sufficiently effective. ”

My predecessor stressed that the analysis will take time, as there are still many mysterious elements at the present time, despite the “thousands and thousands of samples” that were taken, especially from “many animals in Wuhan market” as well as dogs in Hong Kong.

The member states of the World Health Organization took samples, but the UN agency encouraged these agencies to “share information with each other” to accelerate research.

Sylvie ran the WHO flu program during the 2009 swine flu epidemic.

The recent outbreak of the Corona epidemic unleashed a sharp diplomatic record between China and the United States, whose focus was the World Organization.

US President Donald Trump accused China of being slow to inform the world about the first stages of the virus outbreak in Wuhan, expressing suspicion that China had hidden an accident in the city’s fever laboratory.

China was declared the first SARS-Cove-2 virus to cause the Covid-19 epidemic in late December in Wuhan, and since then the epidemic has infected more than four million people around the world and claimed about 300,000 lives.

Many researchers believe that the novel Corona virus came from bats but it passed to another species of animal before it reached humans.

Change the alarm system

The United States and Australia have called for an international investigation into the source of the virus.

The World Health Organization adopted a more diplomatic tone, dispelling Beijing to invite it to participate in investigations of origin.

In early May, China proposed the formation of a committee sponsored by the World Health Organization to assess the “global response” to Covid-19, provided that this is done after the pandemic is overlooked.

The Chinese authorities insist that the plan should obtain prior authorization from the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization or its Executive Board, the two main agencies of the United Nations agency that will hold their annual meetings next week.

Sylvie Brian said that the meetings will also focus on the need to “improve” the alert system of the World Health Organization, which is currently only allowed to declare whether the situation is a global emergency or not while there were six phases in previous actions, the last of which is the declaration of the pandemic.

“We must find a system that enables us to issue warnings so that people can prepare,” she said.

“But at the same time, we have to inform them if the matter is imminent or is it coming after several weeks or months and tell them more accurately what they have to prepare for.”


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