Global dry docks start the project of converting marine equipment vessels – economic – local market


Global Drydocks, the global provider of services to the marine, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors, held a celebration known as “Steel Parts” on the occasion of the start of work on a ship diversion project for the Boscales B company. at.

The global dry docks will transform the Yan Yan marine drilling rig into a marine equipment ship called Pocalift 2. The ship is designed to carry out marine operations, including transportation and installation of wind turbines in Taiwan.

It is expected that 9,000 tons of steel will be used in the project, and a 4000-ton crane will be installed on board. The global dry docks will complete the conversion work according to the terms of category BV to classify the ships, including engineering details and supply of steel, pipes and electrical materials, in addition to building and installing customer equipment.

Captain Thank you, Radu Antolovich, CEO of Drydocks World. at. To allow us to implement this important project.

Work on this project will enhance the vessel’s performance and operational efficiency. As with all projects implemented under the current conditions, all production work will adhere to strict precautionary safety measures to reduce the “Covid 19” epidemic.



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