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Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour opened fire on Al-Ahly team manager Sayed Abdel Hafeez after appearing with Ramez Jalal on the program “Ramez Majnoon Official” where the president of Zamalek Club did not miss the opportunity to renew the conflict with Abdel Hafeez after a past season that was full of conflicts between the two parties.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez had been a guest on the official Ramez Majnoun program, in an episode that the Egyptian public had waited for after a wave of anxiety and crises that occurred at the beginning of the show and attempted not to show the episode, in which Abdel Hafeez appeared very calmly and dealt with Ramez Jalal in a funny way and did not show No problems with episode display but rather many comedic pronouncements that increased episode’s excitement.

Mortada Mansour said in statements to an Egyptian media: “What happened to the Al-Ahly club and to the position of the director of the ball in the Red Bottom, which was held by many symbols in the forefront of which was Thabet Al-Batal and Tareq Salim, the position of the director of the ball in the two poles is greater than what happened in the Maqabab program, with Mr. Yalhoi” Only the name of Al-Ahly’s football manager has been changed from Sayed Abdel Hafeez to Mr. “Yalhoi”.

The last season of the Egyptian League had witnessed fiery permits between the president of Zamalek and Sayed Abdel Hafeez against the backdrop of Al-Ahly winning the league title after he was away from Zamalek by more than 14 points, which increased the intensity of the competition with Mortada Mansour and increased the problems.

Murtada Mansour completed his talk of the episode, asking his question to Al-Ahly Club Chairman Mahmoud Al-Khatib, saying: “After what happened to the club’s soccer director’s insult, are you still convinced that Al-Ahly is above everyone else? An insult to athletes and to Al-Ahly club.”

It is noteworthy that Mortada Mansour had abolished the penalty of his players Tariq Hamid and Ashraf bin Sharqi after they appeared on the program after the first players in particular hit Ramiz Jalal, which was a great pleasure for the club president after Ramiz Jalal was beaten by Zamalek players.

On the other hand, Khaled Al-Ghandour, the anchor of the Zamalek channel, continued the attack on Sayed Abdel Hafeez after he revealed that Ahmed Mortada Mansour refused to appear on the dumps program with Ramez Al-Jalal and refused the sum of 500 thousand Egyptian pounds from the Egyptian broadcaster Moheb Abdel Hadi who tried a lot with the son of Mortada Mansour, while The football director of Al-Ahly Club agreed to participate in this ridicule.




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