German Championship: The Dortmund-Bayern showdown will be crucial for Mueller


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Berlin (AFP)

Bayern Munich striker Thomas Muller said on Monday that his team’s encounter with Borussia Dortmund in the latter’s home team on the 26th of this year will determine in large part the identity of the German champion for the current season.

Bayern Munich are 4 points ahead of Dortmund before their upcoming encounter at the Signal Iduna Park stadium on May 26.

The two teams resumed the German league at the end of the week in a distinctive way after stopping since mid-March due to the new Corona virus, Dortmund demolished his neighbor Schalke in the derby match of the industrial city of Ruhr with a clean four, while the Bavarian team returned with a victory from the capital, Berlin, onion two goals.

On the confrontation, Mueller said: “The match in Dortmund will determine how exciting the next few weeks will be. This is for sure.”

The Bavarian team depends in its confrontation with Dortmund on Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, who raised his balance of goals this season in the league to 26 after registering a penalty in the goal of Onion Berlin Sunday, to approach the absolute record in one season recorded as “the gunner” Gerd Muller with 40 goals for the 1971-72 season.

Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick said that the Polish striker’s task would not be easy, but “Lewandowski has the quality. If there is a player who can do it, it is definitely Lewandowski.”

On the other hand, the young Norwegian striker, Arling Halland, who moved to Dortmund in the last winter transfer market, pursued his goal hobby and raised his balance to 10 goals in 9 games in the domestic league since his arrival in January from the Austrian Red Bull Salzburg. In all, Halland scored 41 goals in 34 games in the 2019-2020 season.


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