Gardener on “Fraud Violence”: I was the first to sound the alarm a month ago


The former minister, Nada Bustani, tweeted, via Twitter, the file of “fraudulent fuel”, saying: “For everyone who has been confused with it, a tender for importing gasoline by the country that launched in November 2019, which broke the monopoly, has been done with all transparency and has been implemented and a major crisis has nearly been disrupted.” The country, which is different from the subject of fuel purchase for electric plants subject to a contract signed in 2005.

I was the first to sound the alarm a month ago when I announced that the issue will be pursued until the full truth is revealed, if I were guilty or involved as the bad intentions claim, I would not have exposed the matter, and now and in front of public opinion I ask that the case be pursued to the end without immunities or protections.

Whoever accuses me of knowing the results of the analyzes that MAN carried out on fuel shipments in July 2019.

1- MAN is an industrial company and is not specialized in laboratory analysis.

2- The above mentioned shipments were re-examined in Dubai and found to be of good quality.

3- Since then, I have asked the “France Electricity” to conduct the analyzes of fuel for the electricity factories.

4 – And when the results of the Baltic steamer last month appeared inconsistent, I announced my position on Twitter and the prosecution was completed by the judiciary, and we hope that the guilty will be condemned and all facts will be clarified. ”


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