Galaxy Z Flip sales grow in March as the flagship Galaxy S20 Series phones flounder


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The Galaxy Z Flip that launched in mid-February appears to be better than the company’s first foldable phone, as 230,000 units of this phone were sold in March alone, which represents an increase of 56.1 percent compared to February numbers. For comparison, 400 thousand units of the Galaxy Fold were sold in the year 2019 in full.

However, this is considered a slight win because the Galaxy S20 Series lineup that is supposed to generate more money for Samsung is doing well in the market. A report from South Korea indicates that sales fell 35 percent from what the Galaxy S10 Series phones collected last year.

While the quarantine imposed in many places around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly had an impact, total sales of Samsung smartphones have decreased by 22.4 percent, which represents a sharp decline, but not as much as the suffering of the leading Samsung phone series. In total, the company sold 89.46 million units in March, which is a 4.3 percent decrease compared to February.

Similar to Samsung, Apple, which in turn depends on Western markets, saw a 23.4 percent drop in sales in March, after only selling 10.14 million units. Meanwhile, Huawei is showing signs of recovery thanks to a 26.6 percent growth in shipments, thanks to the recovery in the Chinese market, which is the company’s largest market.

Samsung isn’t very fortunate as its major markets remained closed in April, and reports indicate it expects a further drop in sales.


Fatima Ait Talib


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