“Frozen” .. The theater crew is sad because of the cancellation of performances – our lives – culture


“Frozen,” based on the famous Disney movie “Broadway,” is the first lyric to announce the cancellation of its performances permanently due to the Corona pandemic, the production team said yesterday.

The musical has been played 851 times since its launch in May 2018 at St James’s Theater in New York.

The producers of “Frozen” wrote on “Twitter” that the staff were “sad” because of the closure and the decision to stop showing them.

According to the specialized Broadway World, Frozen made about $ 155 million at the box office, and more than 1.35 million people watched it.

Earlier, the producers of Petelegos, another huge work, announced that they would not return to the stage, even though its show was due to end in June, even before the Covid-19 outbreak.

It also announced the “Hang Man” theater, which had not yet been launched, and “Who’s Who of Virginia Woolf?” Commenting them offers.

The producers of “Frozen” explained that it is still possible to take a tour in North America or maintain performances in London, Sydney, Hamburg and Tokyo.

The first shows will be launched at the end of October in London and early December in Sydney, and the North American tour in Boston is supposed to start on the ninth of next September.




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