From “My Mother’s Lover” to “Hind Khanum”


The wheel of the Lebanese series is still completely suspended due to the spread of the Corona virus. The timing of the filming of some local series is still unknown. Note that the movement’s return to these dramatic projects has been taken, and Lebanese production companies have decided to start filming and overcome the prevailing obstacles. On the other hand, the series “Ashiq Omi” (written by Razi Warda and directed by Kinan Iskandarani – produced by “Marwa Group”, which is managed by Marwan Haddad), will return to complete the photography soon. But in a new step in the drama that starred Al-Khal and the Syrian superstar Khaled Al-Qaysh starring, Haddad decided to change his name from “my mom’s lover” to “Hind Khanum”. The amendment was based on the events of the work that revolves around the character of Hind (rose) and the injustice she is exposed to in her life. It is reported that he expected “my mom’s lover” to participate in the last Ramadan race, but his filming was frozen due to the financial crisis and the spread of Corona virus.


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