From Beirut to Jounieh … “The Cobra”, my eyes!


From Beirut to Jounieh ...


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The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces stated, “On 25, 26 and 27/4/2020 there were 3 pillages by force of arms that affected, respectively, 3 pharmacies in Jounieh (interspersed with gunfire by the two robbers), the calculator, and the bulk of the dip, in addition to the occurrence of an operation A citizen was picked up in the Corniche of the river on April 27, 2020, and a robbery was stolen in the Burj al-Barajneh area – the southern suburbs.

Immediately, the relevant departments of the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces began their procedures to reveal the identity of the perpetrators, and through the field inspection and the boycott of the information, it was found that the aforementioned operations were carried out by two persons who used rented cars with fake plates.

As a result of the extensive investigations and investigations, the Division was able to know their identities, namely: R. (Born in 1979, Lebanese) Called “Cobra”, he is one of the dangerous people, and he is one of the precedents of the crimes of theft, robbery, forgery, the promotion of counterfeit currency, and is active in theft and robbery by force of arms. M. B. (Born in 1992, Lebanese).

Through careful monitoring and observation, and with a specific operation carried out in the town of Tamneen al-Fawqa, the Bekaa, the Special Forces in the division were able to arrest the two men, on board a “Nissan” black color.

They were caught with a handgun, a quantity of cocaine, a drug, the amount of / 3091000 / Lebanese pounds, a false ID, a market license and a license plate, all of them forged.

By interrogating them, they confessed to carrying out all the mentioned looting operations, in addition to carrying out the looting from one of the ovens in the locality of Al-Barjana tower – the southern suburb. They also admitted that they had used the vehicle seized with them, their fake plate and the handgun for pillaging, and that the exact amount in their possession was from the money stolen.

The legal requirement was carried out against them and they were deposited with the seizures, the competent authority, based on the reference of the judiciary.


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