French doctor detonates a surprise about the Corona virus


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The controversial French doctor, Didier Raoul, has sparked a new surprise about the emerging Corona virus, as he confirmed that the Corona epidemic is about to end, according to the website «Russia Today».

Didier Raoul ruled out the emergence of second waves of the epidemic, which claimed the lives of more than 300 thousand people around the world, despite the World Health Organization confirmed, last Wednesday, that the emerging virus may never disappear.

The French doctor confirmed in a video posted on Twitter recently, that the virus is declining significantly globally, and expected that new infections would not be recorded significantly, but rather the end of this crisis that has plagued the entire world.

The doctor, who heads the Infectious Diseases Department at Marseille Hospital, stressed that all scientific data confirm that “Covid 19” is on the way to completion.

Raoul added that some cases will appear naturally here and there, but the world will not witness waves of outbreaks like the previous day, considering that the dynamism of the pandemic has declined significantly.

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