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Actress Sarah Abi Kanaan expressed her happiness with the reactions on the series “With the Heart” since the launch of its performance at the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan on the LBCI screen, especially after it ranked the work in the first place during the first week of its presentation and issued the list of Trending for several consecutive days on Twitter and in several Arab countries.

In the details, Sarah’s acting performance captured the attention of the press
And art and many personalities in the artistic and dramatic milieu, where they praised her spontaneity during
Her embodiment of “Diana” and some praised her extraordinary sense and performance
The professional who makes it close to the heart of the viewer.

They also expressed great admiration for the work, as they described it as being more realistic to me
Community issues, especially Lebanese society, with regard to the problems facing people
In their daily lives.

In “In the Heart” Sarah Abi Kanaan plays “Diana”
It fights the cruelty of society and confronts injustice at a very interesting rate. Sarah says that the role
Diana is characterized by an unusual character, the writer Tariq Swaid starred in writing her role
The viewer will find this out in the upcoming episodes.

Sarah added that the episodes between 17 and 22 will be shocking to viewers
The events will be turned upside down, and Diana’s performance will be sudden and unexpected.

As for her cooperation with the actors and cast, Sarah assured
She is very proud of this experience with all the heroes of the work, considering that she was surrounded by a large amount of “stars”, which
Pay it to give the best to provide the required level. Sarah noted the special relationship that she had
I collected it with the two protagonists Wissam Fares and Badi Abu Shaqra
Where she considered that the duets Diana and Nahi, and Jawad and Diana were a special case for viewers
I translated on the ground, largely by attachment to the characters.

“Al Qalb” starring Sarah Abi Kanaan,
Wissam Fares, Badi Abu Shaqra, Gabriel Yammine, Carmen Labs, Darina El-Gendy, Nawal Kamel
A large number of Lebanese drama stars, written by Tariq Swaid, directed by Julian Maalouf
And production of Mai Abi Raad.

It is reported that Sarah also looks at the Arab audience through the series “Hawa” from
“Love Madness 3” series on Rotana Drama
In addition to a large number of Arab and Lebanese drama stars, including the birth of Youssef, Mustafa
Mustafa, Wasim Al-Rahbi, and others.

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