Frankly speaking – The Stars website – What did Jebel Al-Ghobari reveal about cooperation with Abeer Naama, Ghadi and Osama Al-Rahbani?


Lebanese actor Abeer Nehmeh released a song and clip, “Heidi Al Dini”, from the words of Ghadi Al Rahbani, music of Osama Rahbani, and the director, Jil Al Ghabri, was chosen to sign the clip.

The clip focuses mainly on special clips
To Abeer inside a deserted grand palace, you can relive the moments we all experience in the life of
Different situations and people like frustration and joy, young and old people, and different positions are summarized
Life with its differences and contradictions.

And on this cooperation, director Gail Al-Ghobari confirmed that this
The expected cooperation took place after Abeer asked him to take out the clip, and he was careful to work
On the smallest details in terms of look and style, he worked on the details, saying, “Although it is
Some times, the artist has a special style to adopt. Make sure to add a new thing to her
To work. ” He adds: “Of course, I was very excited to work with Abeer, especially with this work
Cooperating with Ghadi and Osama Rahbani, and this is a responsibility for me, at the same time, is fun

Jill is always keen on cooperating with Asma who presents a fine art on this topic, he says: “With humility, I consider myself a selective director. The names that I cooperated with previously and collaborate with her currently have a special weight of art, such as Carole Samaha, Yara, Al-Dossi, and others. Today, I consider Abeer a new addition to me.”

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