Former American baseball player Watson has died at the age of 74


American baseball player Bob Watson in a photo from the Reuters archive.

(Reuters) – Baseball club Houston Astros said its player and former general manager Bob Watson died at the age of 74 on Thursday after a long illness.

Watson was part of two teams in the All-Star Game and then led the New York Yankees, when he was his general manager, to win the league title.

His late son Keith said on Twitter that his father had died after a long struggle with kidney disease.

“It is a very sad day for the club and for all the baseball world,” said Houston, who has played for Watson for 14 years and served as his general manager for two years.

“Bob Watson had a unique and unique career in the NBA that spanned over six decades and during which he achieved successes at many different levels … for example as a player, coach, general manager and official,” he added.

The statement also said, “He was a distinguished star in the canned and a real pioneer outside and he was admired and respected by all who played with him or worked alongside them. We will miss Bob, but we will not forget him. ”

In baseball, Watson was called “The Bull” and made his debut in 1966 at Astros. He participated in the All-Star Game twice in 1973 and 1975.

Watson also played for the Boston Red Sox (1979), the New York Yankees (1980-1982) and the Atlanta Braves (1982-1984).

In 1996 Watson became the first African American general manager to win the league title when he was with the Yankees.

Prepared and edited by Fathi Abdel Aziz for the Arab Bulletin


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