“For personal reasons” … the head of the World Trade Organization leaves office early


Airbus, the aircraft maker, has told its top employees that the company should “change its size” as part of plans to announce towards the end of June and is ready to cut production again in the face of any second wave of the Corona virus crisis, according to informed sources.

Speaking to managers, Geum Fury said, “Face the reality” in a briefing on Thursday about the crisis, which has halted the flight of an estimated 14,000 aircraft or two-thirds of the global fleet and caused a cash crisis for airlines.

Furry again warned that Airbus may not continue unless changes were made, and stressed the need to take “radical”, “proactive”, and urgent steps, according to people who took note of the demonstration.

An Airbus spokesman said no decision had been made. He added, “Any new measures will be discussed first with our partners in society, which means that it is too early to speculate on any numbers.”

The warnings issued by the head of one of Europe’s largest employers, factories in four countries, come amid speculation that thousands of jobs will be lost due to restructuring.

In his first-time demonstration, Fawry indicated a possible “restructuring plan”, but he told managers that what a British newspaper said about ten thousand jobs being cut was pure speculation.

He said that Airbus intends to adjust its structure to become simpler and more profitable, using the “all necessary” social tools, according to the sources that were informed about after the administration’s weekly phone conference.

Industry sources said on Wednesday that Airbus is considering a restructuring that includes deep job cuts after the temporary layoffs of thousands of workers, but the decision is not imminent.


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