“Floyd in Canadian version” … Thousands of demonstrators in Toronto after the death of a black woman


Thousands of people demonstrated quietly on Saturday in the Canadian city of Toronto to condemn violence and police violence in the United States and Canada.

The demonstration was organized following the death of a black woman on Wednesday in Toronto, after she fell from a balcony on the twenty-fourth floor during a police operation in circumstances that remain unclear.

The demonstration coincides with rallies across the United States after the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd during his police arrest.

Canadian demonstrators, most of whom were masked by the new Corona virus, raised banners reading “Life of blacks counts” and “I can no longer breathe,” the phrase that George Floyd said when a policeman fixed him to the ground.

“It is important, despite the epidemic, to show that we are fighting for justice for all, for blacks and for all people of color,” one of the protesters told AFP.

He added: “Although the problem is greater in the United States, it is happening here at our gates in Toronto and Canada, and we must all unite in the world.”

For her part, Malika Henny, 24, said: “I have come to express my solidarity and support for the lives of all black people who were taken away and stolen.”

The crowd included people of all races and reflected the diversity of Toronto, the largest Canadian city with a population of six million.

On the banner “Justice Regis” is written the lady who died this week in Toronto.

Regis Korshinsky-Paquet, 29, fell from the balcony of her home on the 24th floor during a police intervention that her mother summoned following a family dispute.

Canadian media reported that the young woman was suffering from psychological problems and had a seizure.

The Ontario Special Investigation Unit has opened an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.


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