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Classified Chilean international Arturo Vidal The star of Barcelona, ​​one of the most controversial characters on the pitch throughout his football career, starting with his character and the way he dealt with competitors on the field to his famous hairstyles.

The interesting thing is that his dialectical personality inside the stadium extends out due to many situations in which the star of the Chilean national team fell, until his love for his mother, who shows her all the respect and appreciation for his efforts to continue his dream to be a football star.

His personal life and his relationship to his mother

Vidal and his mother
Vidal and his mother

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reviewed the personal aspects of the life of Arturo Vidal, the star of central Barcelona, ​​which reveals the true face of the star “La Roja”.

The newspaper revealed, Arturo Vidal’s love for his family and its strong attachment to it, especially his mother who always when he talks about his childhood reminds her, saying: “She devoted herself only to us, every effort that she had to do to give us something without having anything.”

In one of his remarks, Vidal said, “One day, when I was 14, my mother came back completely exhausted, and I thought this could not happen again. I have to become a football player no matter what.”

And he decided to make an effort three, four or ten times more than anyone else in every training session in order to become a professional, and realize his mother’s dream and make up for the great effort that she made for him.

And about his father, Vidal commented, “He has his life and I’ve got my life, he’s big enough to know what he’s doing, I have my own family with my wife, my child and my mom.”

Fighting a Chilean officer

Vidal during his arrest
Vidal during his arrest

Arturo Vidal was unable to distance himself from his controversial actions outside the stadium, which always placed him at the forefront of the pages of Chilean newspapers. In the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2007, Vidal was arrested for murdering a police officer whom Vidal accused of using racist words.

A journey with wines with his colleagues

Vidal while playing poker drunk
Vidal while playing poker drunk

Four years later, Vidal and his colleagues Gonzalo Jarra, Jean Posigor, Carlos Carmona and Jorge Valdivia were arrested while drunk while in an international training camp, and all were given a 20-match ban on the Chilean national team that was reduced to five on appeal.

In the same year, other pictures of drunken Vidal appeared alongside teammate Gary Middle and his wife, Colombian model Monica Jimenez.

Perhaps this was the biggest controversy in which the Barcelona midfielder participated days before the 2015 Copa América final in Chile.

His fight with the referee of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich

Vidal during his expulsion in the match Real Madrid and Bayern Munich
Vidal during his expulsion in the match Real Madrid and Bayern Munich

Vidal could not hide his anger after Bayern Munich left Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League, and said then, “We were stolen, two goals for Real Madrid and Cassimero should have left the stadium before my expulsion.”

Combat game style

Fidel the Warrior
Fidel the Warrior

Vidal is known for his on-the-field fighting style, which he is proud of, commenting, saying, “I switch because I have to defend my team, my colors, I’m a warrior, everyone knows that I will never stop fighting, and I will give 100 percent to take back the ball, no one forgets that Football gave me the best thing in my life – seeing my mother happy. “

This was what he was putting as a warrior on the front pages of newspapers in Chile carrying a weapon.


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