FilGoal | News | His agent: Al-Nini has offers from Germany, Spain and England … impossible to return to Egypt


The number of Alaa Nazmi, the agent of Mohamed El-Nene, the Besiktas player and the Egyptian national team, is the offer of the player and his position during the coming period.

“Before the start of the Corona crisis, Beşiktaş club was very attached to Al-Nuni, but there was no official move because it was still too early,” Al-Nini’s agent said.

“But the Corona Virus crisis has now caused everything to stop and the visibility has not been clarified,” he added in his remarks via On Time Sports.

“There are many interests in Al-Nini, and Besiktas wants to continue as well. He may complete in Besiktas, whether by extending the loan or joining permanently, and he may return to Arsenal, and he may move to another team. Everything is possible.”

Is the other team may be from the Egyptian League or the Gulf? A question that Nazmi answered emphatically, saying: “He is very, very unlikely. Al-Nani is a very successful player who is professional, well-run and has many offers. One of the fourth impossible is to return to Egypt now or go to the Gulf.”

He continued, saying: “Al Nani has performances from the German, Spanish and English leagues, and they are all Premier League teams.”

He repeated, “besides Besiktas desire to continue it, too.”

Al-Nini, 27, joined the Turkish Besiktas on loan from Arsenal.

Al-Nini participated in 28 matches in a Besiktas shirt and succeeded in making two goals.

The Turkish League is the last European league to stop, as the authorities announced that it was suspended in the third week of March 8 rounds before its end, and Trabzonspor leads it with a goal difference from Istanbul Municipality.

The Turkish league championship is expected to be completed naturally on June 12, Niyat Ozdemir, head of the Turkish Football Association, said earlier.

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