Federalism vs. the dominant legitimacy of the “state”


Munir al-Rabi` wrote in Al-Modon: It is a mistake to think that the alliance between the Aounist movement and Hezbollah can be dissolved. On many occasions, the tension between the two strategic allies has prevailed, and many have gambled on its separation. Some were optimistic about Michel Aoun’s image in Maarab, and Samir Geagea adopted his candidacy for the presidency. Others were optimistic about his image in the center house and the candidacy of Saad Hariri to remove him from Hezbollah. Those pictures were fatal, because the most correct thing in the scene was that Geagea and Al-Hariri were approaching Hezbollah and did not distance Aoun from it.

Substantial alliance
Between the Aounist movement and Hezbollah, a project that goes beyond internal details and political diaries. Gibran Bassil goes away in the Lebanese diaries to face his opponents and competitors. He knows how to “blackmail” Hezbollah to achieve what it wants. Each time, the party conceded or retreated as a goal for Basil’s eyes: in the formation of governments, their projects and decisions, and at basic political junction. Even blackmail seems absurd and trivial, as if the Hezbollah ministers stood against the establishment of a plant in Silata, Basil resorted to launching a campaign through his deputies on the party, not only for the purpose of the Silata project, but also against the backgrounds of this project, which Basil considers his right to achieve as Hezbollah was It has achieved it before him, and is not limited to a Lebanese spot, but extends from Tehran to Beirut, passing through Syria and entering into it with Christian cover. Nasrallah was not late in announcing it once, when he indicated that his party’s entry into Syria prevented the Takfiris from entering Kesrouan.

Bassil’s state
Hizbullah’s self-contained “mini-state” from the south to the Bekaa to Syria, which has become a contiguous geographical area, Basil is considering his right to the same on the Christian scene. He wants to be a copy of Hezbollah, a Christian, with the capabilities and the ingredients to survive and stand, not necessarily in the party’s own formula and mechanism of work to pay salaries and provide services. Basil wants to build on the state that he invaded in recent years, and has become almost completely in control of his joints, along with his reliance on major companies and businessmen allied with them, and able to move the economic wheel within the Christian areas that the Petron wants to be a center for, through the transfer of most projects Essential from other regions to it, to become an exclusive economic zone: an electricity plant, and many projects transferred from Tripoli and Akkar to Batroun.Wild dissatisfaction
This prompted Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to criticize some of the voices of dissonance calling for federalism and the liberation of the electricity sector from the regional, sectarian, sectarian, and federal mentality. Berry did not intend anything but Basil and his projects, and when he spoke about the voices of cacophony about federalism, because much talk comes to the attention about strengthening the logic of expanded financial and administrative decentralization, which means federalism.
What Berri wanted to highlight is the continued use of the Aoun current, its sectarianism, sect, and federal mentality, to obtain political gains. Therefore, the Speaker of the Council appended his position with an invitation to stop political adventures and stop indiscriminately charging, heading to the Aounist stream, which has always resorted to this method to achieve political goals and objectives, with its usual pragmatism and permanent blackmailing work, which came in recent days by the representatives of the current The Free Patriot, about Hizbullah not vaccinating itself inside. This means that he will still need the Christian cover, to criticize his position on fighting corruption, and it is a continuation of the sentence of Gibran Bassil when he said: “Our allies leave us alone.” The extortion process is clear here for Hezbollah, that it is necessary to run the Silata plant first, and desist from supporting its allies as a wild prophet, Suleiman Franjieh, and devote himself to Basil’s support alone.

Beyond Selata
This skirmish is incidental. A solution will be found. Work on it began in a meeting with Gebran Bassil and Boufik Safa. Of course, there is no comparison between the strength of Hezbollah and the power of Basil and the Covenant. Victory always favors the party. But the basis is on how the Aounist movement manages its relationship with the party, which transcends any political or alliance origins. Of course, it embarrasses the party in front of its audience. As if Basil says to those who face him or criticize him, if you criticized me for immunizing myself in the Christian region, then I read in the book of immunizing yourself for people, geographically and demographically, from Lebanon to Syria and Iraq.
The issue is much farther from Silata, or from Basil getting a firm promise from Hezbollah for his support for the presidency. Both sides know that many transformations await the region, and American pressure will increase, and Basil will avoid them more than once, and will continue to avoid them because it is not far from a project whose features become clear more and more. He wants to improve his conditions more with the party, criticize and talk about confronting America and the world. He has another goal related to conceding some files and starting negotiations to demarcate the maritime borders, to ease pressure and complete the project.


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