“Federal Electricity” begins installing two-phase smart meters


Yesterday, Tuesday, the Federal Electricity and Water Authority announced that it had begun installing an integrated system for two-stage smart meters, thus being the first in the region to develop this type of infrastructure project.
The new system focuses on improving the customer experience through achieving a quantitative improvement in measuring energy consumption rates, through its adoption of the latest infrastructure and digital technologies.
The authority is working on accomplishing this project through several stages aimed at installing more than 600,000 smart meters in the northern emirates, in cooperation between the authority and the German software and information technology services company (SABB).
The smart two-stage meter system consists of a main reception and transmission system (HES) and a data management system (MDMS), and it is characterized by providing a set of features for both energy providers and end consumers, the most important of which is the lack of attendance of the authority’s staff to read the meters.
This system allows saving time and resources, in addition to the need for staff to attend to cut and restore service.
Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Industry, Chairman of the Authority’s Board of Directors, said: We are committed to developing the infrastructure of the energy sector in accordance with global best practices, which will contribute to enhancing the sustainability and security of energy, water and natural resources.
He stressed that the new systems chart the future of a paradigm shift in the level of infrastructure for the energy sector in the United Arab Emirates, and will contribute to supporting the well-being and happiness of more than 600,000 customers in the Northern Emirates.
The Federal Electricity and Water Authority recently began the first phase of infrastructure development operations for the smart meter system, which included installing 30,000 smart meters across a wide geographical area covering different categories of customers.
For his part, Mohamed Mohamed Saleh, Director General of the authority, said that this integrated smart system will contribute to support our efforts towards making a qualitative shift at the level of customer experience, as we will provide them with the possibility of self-monitoring of the real time to use the facilities, and obtain full and accurate billing via the Internet, and support Future services.
He added: This initiative serves the authority’s directions in employing the digital transformation to reduce costs, improve staff capabilities and manage revenue collection.
For his part, Steve Tzikakis, President of SABB for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: In light of the development of the energy sector in the UAE, the Federal Electricity and Water Authority has presented a successful model on the future of providing and managing services.


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