Fauchi is optimistic about the results of the Corona vaccine: get out with masks and diverge


Source: Arabic.net

The director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fuchi, was cautiously optimistic about the findings of “Moderna” in the production of the vaccine against the Coronavirus.

During a meeting on CNN, Fawcci described the positive early results of studying the first stage of the vaccine as “a good sign … because it reached an important obstacle in developing the vaccine, but it ended.”

Fawcci advised Americans to go out to enjoy the fresh air from taking the necessary measures to protect them from infection, saying: “Get out, put on masks, stay 6 feet (180 cm) from anyone to ensure physical spacing, and get out.”

He added: “So go jogging, hiking, or hunting, as long as you put a face mask, and as long as you avoid crowding and you are not in a position to transmit the virus to others … this is the reason for wearing the mask, and this is the goal of physical distance.”

And US President Donald Trump stressed that several American companies have reached advanced stages not only in finding the vaccine but also in the production of treatments and medicines, pointing to the speed of starting the tests.

This comes as the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counted, on Thursday, 1397 new deaths from the emerging corona virus, while President Trump announced his intention to deny American flags, in honor of the victims of the deadly epidemic, which numbered more than 93,000 deaths.


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