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Bully Episode 11The events of the Al-Fatwa series, starring by the distinguished artist Yasser Jalal, who won the admiration of the public during the past period, are completed by a number of his distinguished works, to look back on his fans again with a more exciting and exciting work, which is the fatwa, and the series’s episodes will be completed, where the eleventh episode will be presented today Sunday in Middle of the night on Al-Hayat channel, while the details of the tenth episode came at midnight on Saturday, with the teacher Sayyid (Riyad Al-Khuli), at night (Mai Omar), to ask her to allow and divorce all his wives to return to him, but she refuses, because of his beating and insulting her, and asking him to forget her Especially since she loved Hassan al-Jabali from day one The first that I saw in it.

Bully Episode 11

The events of the tenth episode are supplemented by the appearance of Ahmed Jabali, the father of the artist Yasser Jalal, who embodies the personality of Hassan Al Jabali, in the dream, asking him to continue his career and become a fatwa also to come against the oppressed and be a champion for them in the face of injustice, while Hassan Al Jabali continues to train his daughter Nora, who embodies the character of Laila Ahmed Zahir Ali Al-Nabot to open a conversation between them about Al-Jabali’s marriage, which his daughter rejects. On the other side, Azmi completed the fatwa, collecting royalties from the parents, but this time they weakened their punishment for what he did, after he got the royalties last month and distributed them to the overpower, so this month will collect them. , Men are asked to Azmi «Hnogah» to pay royalty and the men beat Azmi for refusing to pay.

The death of Hanoua Khalli Hassan stood before the aesthetic fatwa and said all the truth
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Fatwa series, eleventh episode

The Fatwa series, which is shown on Al-Hayat channel at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, starring the artist Yasser Jalal, including a number of art stars, including the artist Mai Omar, Najla Badr, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Ahmed Khalil and Riyadh Al-Khouli. The series of the Fatwa is shown on the Al-Hayat Al-Hamra channel, this series was filmed In the aesthetic region in a specific era, specifically the period before 1860.

Details of the series, Fatwa Episode Eleven 11

Many followers are awaiting knowledge of the events of the eleventh episode, which will witness the revenge of the fatwa, Hassan Ahmed Al-Jabali, for Hanwa, after one of the accusations assaulted him in order to obtain a royalty, but Hannoua refused to make the payment, which pushed the overpowering girls from the assault by beating him, and everyone was waiting for Hassan Jabali’s reaction in that Episode and find out all the details that we will follow up with you now.

Revenge of the bored boy, after the death of Hanaoua

A strong start to the eleventh episode, as Hanoua spoke to Hassan al-Jabali about the threats she had infringed on in order to take the royalty.

After this, Hassan al-Jabali demands that he calm down and will give him the right, but Hanuah refused to do so and left the copper workshop and went.

Hanoua went to the aesthetic fatwas in one of the places where they are looking for something and assaulted them while he was disguised in the masked bully.

The aggravated beatings to death.

Hassan al-Jabali got angry and went to the aesthetic fatwa and talked with him about the injustice to which the aesthetic is subjected since he became the fatwa, leaving the fatoun to my resolve and he is putting pressure on the poor and needy and getting the royalty injustice and transgression and all the things that are not good and that raised eyebrows Hassan Jabali who wants to take the right of kindness Until now, he did not know who told his mother, and we reveal to you who killed Ahmed al-Jabali, and they are not.Master of pulp – and teacher Saber “Aesthetic Bully“.

Bully h 11

The aesthetic region in which the Al-Fatwa series was filmed, starring Yasser Jalal, one of the most famous life in ancient Egypt, and despite the busy season of Ramadan with a lot of TV works, the fatwa was of a special nature, which prompted the audience to follow it and wait every day.

The dates of the series of the Fatwa series, the eleventh episode

You watch the 9th Fatwa series on the Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel at 2:00 am after midnight, and the first replay begins at 4:00 am and the second replay is at 4:30 pm Egypt time.

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