Fastest personal finance without salary transfer from Al Rajhi Bank for Saudis and residents


Considered Personal finance without salary transfer, One of the most important funds provided by Al-Rajhi Bank to both Saudis and residents, and we always find that a large number of people are searching for this important financing in order to meet their demands and needs, and for this Al-Rajhi Bank has provided a service Fast personal financing In 30 minutes Among the financing services provided by the bank, and the bank set conditions that must be met by everyone who wishes to obtain loans from Al-Rajhi Bank, and Al-Rajhi Bank is one of the most important banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in providing banking services under the name of national financing, through this article we will get to know Every detail Personal financing, Al-Rajhi Bank.

Personal financing without salary transfer from Al-Rajhi Bank

Al-Rajhi Bank provides many important services to all Saudi citizens and non-Saudis, through conditions set by the bank for all who wish to obtain Immediate personal financing from Al-Rajhi BankFor this reason, we learn how to obtain these loans, and we also learn the conditions that the bank has set in the coming lines.

Steps to obtain personal financing from Al-Rajhi

  • First you have to log in Al-Rajhi Bank link.
  • Choose your personal finance request.
  • Choose to apply.
  • Fill in all required information such as mobile number and monthly salary on the personal finance application form.
  • Then you save and submit the request.
  • Within thirty minutes, you receive the response from Al Rajhi Bank, with or without approval.

Al-Rajhi Bank terms for obtaining personal finance

  • Salary is not less than 10 thousand Saudi riyals.
  • The applicant must not be less than 25 years old or more than 55 years old at the time of the last installment of the loan.
  • Funding is available for Saudis and non-Saudis.

How to submit a loan request from Al-Rajhi Bank

  • You must first login to the Al-Rajhi Bank website above the article.
  • It provides copies of the national identity of the Saudis and copies of the residence permit for residents.
  • The educational qualification is offered.
  • Submit a letter from the applicant’s workplace, with the job title and monthly salary.


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