Farouk Jaafar: I refuse to join the Al-Ahly duo of Zamalek … and Ehab Jalal is below the level


Farouk Jaafar, a player and former coach of Zamalek, confirmed that he was against the appointment of Ihab Jalal as technical director for the first team, noting that it is not appropriate for a technical manager for the two poles to be below the level, and he must be with higher capabilities.

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“The team was not affected by Hamdi Al-Naqaz’s departure from Zamalek, even if I had Mahmoud Abdel Moneim’s file (electrified) because he would leave, even if he was going to make the difference,” Jaafar said in televised comments on “On Time Sports”.

He added: “If I were a technical manager for Zamalek and it was offered to Saleh Saleh Jumaa, I will not include him. There is a player who cannot be back-up and he is Ferjani Sassi, and Saleh like Mohamed Ibrahim, the ball duo is not the number one in their lives.”

He continued: “I do not like Ahmed Fathi to join Zamalek. I want Zamalek to include players for the future, and Fathi could face problems.”

He continued: “Fathi climbed with Ismaili in 2002 accompanied by Hosni Abd Rabouh and Mohamed Sobhi, a very good player and presented everything good in the ball, and his distance from Al-Ahly means the end of his career, even if he joined Pyramids, his history stood at the red.”

“Abdullah Al-Saeed is the best football player in Egypt in the minds of people, but in popularity he is not currently number one, but when he was in Al-Ahly he was number one, and the school in football is white and red, and there is no third for them.”

Jaafar went on to talk about the return of the league: “I suggest that this be by voting between the league’s coaches, and the timing that the government will recommend, will it be appropriate or not, and we must set standards that we adhere to for the safety of the players, then we start 45 days after the state allows.”


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