Farah Al-Sarraf responds to the accusations of normalization in Umm Haroun with a controversial tweet


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“Farah Al-Sarraf” responds to the accusations of normalization in “Umm Haroun” with a controversial tweet, today Sunday 3 May 2020 10:52 a.m.

Khalid Al-Dhafiri (Echo):

Kuwaiti actor Farah Al-Sarraf, who participated in the series “Umm Haroun,” is silent about the accusations directed against the series regarding his call for normalization with Israel.

Al-Sarraf claimed that the series does not call for normalization, but rather focuses on the history of Kuwait and the Gulf states, saying: normalization is normalization, but it is normal Netflique? I see someone affected and not forbidden, your history of what is imagined and is normalization? .

The teller’s followers’ tweet only increased criticism of her and the series, as some accused her of ignorance in history, and others referred to scenes that call for sympathy with the Jews.

It is worth noting that the series, starring the artist “Hayat Al-Fahd”, tells the story of a Jewish woman who lived in the Gulf and was persecuted because of her religion, which was considered by critics as one of the most dangerous series that prompts the return of Jews to the Arabian Peninsula.


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