Facilities for small companies in Dubai and medium companies from the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation


The Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprises Development was able to allocate an estimated amount of about 20 million dirhams of capital to finance small and medium projects, through the Mohammed bin Rashid Fund for Supporting Those Projects and the Beehive platform, which is the first platform for financial technology within the framework of facilities For small businesses in Dubai.

This was in order to facilitate the youth to obtain financing, in addition to the entry of large numbers into the market from the entrepreneurs, and for those who cannot obtain liquidity in order to enlarge his activity or in order to finance his project as well, thus adding many additional services that serve The people and new product lines serve the nation as a whole.

It is worth noting that the Beehive platform provides a great opportunity for those who wish to invest, whether in small or medium companies as well, in order to obtain rewarding benefits from the investment, in addition to urging friends or even relatives to support the projects of their families financially and in return gain a lot Of money, and all this is in the interest of economic growth in the end, in addition to helping companies.

As for the original agreement for small companies or even medium-sized companies in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to obtain financing up to 780 thousand dirhams, with full capital support, and this is based on financing by the fund of the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation and the value of up to twenty million dirhams, and owners of companies Small and medium-sized owners with 50% or more of that, can get support up to 420,000 dirhams.

And all this in order to gain the confidence of investors, especially in the recent period and after the emergence of the emerging virus, and many sectors, especially the investment and investment sector, have been affected by small and medium enterprises, on top of which, Craig Moore, CEO of the Beehive platform, expressed that he is very happy with the partnership that takes place between the Mohammed Bin Foundation Rashid and between the podium.


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