Facebook launches chat robot – El Watan newspaper


Facebook has launched a new chat robot as an open source at (GitHub) for artificial intelligence research – it claims to be able to show empathy, knowledge and personality when interacting with humans, and according to the company, the Blender robot has been trained using available public conversations, which included 1.5 billion training examples of human conversations .The social networking giant said: 49% of people prefer interacting with a chat robot rather than interacting with another person, but experts say: artificial intelligence training (AI) using a platform, like Reddit, has its drawbacks.

Numerous problems arose during the longer talks, and Blender sometimes responds in an abusive language, at other times he is completely fabricating the facts, and the researchers said, they hope other models will address some of these issues, while a Facebook spokesperson said: “We believe that modeling is necessary to enable insights Complete and reliable to their capabilities. ”


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