European referee: Managing matches without an easier audience – Sport – Arab and International


Organizing soccer matches without the audience attending is difficult for the fans and for the players as well, but for referees the work becomes less difficult.
Several European leagues, including the Bundesliga, are planning to resume their season, after stopping due to the Coruna virus epidemic, by setting up matches without an audience to reduce the risk of infection.
The great European referee Daniel Seibert, who rules Germany and internationally, looks secretly at the sight of the empty stadiums.
“It will be different but easier,” Seibert, 35, told the Funky media group yesterday.
He added, “You hear the adhesions, the leg before, the sole of the foot, the sole of the foot. This produces a very accurate sound. As a verdict, I have a trained ear to know which are against the rules and which are within the fair rules. ”
Seibert has already managed two international games this season without the audience attending.
“Emotions are less (without the audience attending),” he said. “The players are focusing on playing football.”
He added, “Of course there will be individual situations that are controversial at times, but they do not explode as much as what happens in matches attended by the fans, which use the whistles and increase the pressure.”
Seibert understands that the fans do not prefer to be kept out of the field, but he said it is the sacrifice “that we must make in order for us to continue playing.”




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