Ethnic minorities are more likely to die in Corona.


Nasr Al-Majali: An analysis of NHS records reveals that black and Asian Britons are twice as likely to die from coronavirus than whites.

An IFS report, one of the reliable sources, found that the death rate among black African-Americans was three times that of the white British population.

The report said that deaths among Pakistanis were 2.7 times higher, and for people of Caribbean origin, the death rate was 1.8 times higher.

Many minority groups live disproportionately in cities such as London and Birmingham, which have reported more COVID-19 cases. But the report said that most ethnic minorities are also on average smaller than the population as a whole, which should make them less vulnerable.

Statistics Office

The publication of the report comes with what a separate report revealed that people who live in the poorest parts of England and Wales die more than twice the rate of the Corona virus than those who live in rich areas.

National Bureau of Statistics figures showed that the most disadvantaged regions suffered 55 deaths per 100,000 people, compared to 25 deaths in the richest regions.

Minority mortality ratios in health services in England

The Institute of Financial Studies IFS said it is “unlikely” that there would be one explanation for higher deaths, but it indicated that minorities were likely to be key workers in various areas.

Of all black African working-age Africans, a third of them work in these key roles 50 per cent more than the white British population, according to the Institute of Financial Studies research center.

Meanwhile, the work of Pakistani, Indian and African men is likely to be 90 per cent, 150 per cent and 310 per cent more in health care than white British men, respectively.


The report says that two-thirds of Bangladeshi men over the age of 60 suffer from a long-term health condition that exposes them to a particular risk of infection.

He added that another possible factor behind the disproportionately high death rates may be underlying health problems.

“When you explain the fact that most minority groups are generally relatively small, the number of deaths appears to be disproportionate in most minority ethnic groups,” said Ross Warwick, a research economist at the Institute of Financial Studies IFS and co-author of the report.

He noted that “it is unlikely that there will be one explanation here and different factors may be more important to different groups for example, while black Africans are likely to be employed in particular in key workers’ roles that may put them at risk, it appears that the larger Bengalis We are not at risk based on basic health conditions. ”


Professor Tim Cook, Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology at the University of Bristol, said: “The large disproportionate number of health and social care workers dying from Covid-19 is striking, so I welcome the news that the Health Services Authority of England has recommended identifying These individuals are potentially at greater risk. ”

He added: “Our analysis showed that 60 per cent of health care workers who died from the coronavirus are members of Asian and African ethnic minorities called BAME.”

The Royal College of Surgeons of RCS, for its part, has called for the removal of National Health Service workers from black groups or ethnic minorities from the front lines as more evidence indicates they are more vulnerable to the virus.

Professor Neil Mortensen, the president-elect of the Royal College of Surgeons, said experts have found that nearly two-thirds of NHS staff killed by Covid-19 are from ethnic groups and should be protected.


It is noteworthy that the NHS England had issued new directives to hospitals across the country asking BAME employees to “assess risk” on a “preventive” basis and would likely be removed from high-risk areas if they were considered “vulnerable and targets for the virus”. “. The directives also called for them to have priority access to PPE.

The figures showed that 63 per cent of health and social care workers who died from coronavirus were more than 100 people, and the first ten doctors in the UK were dying of the Corona virus, all from an ethnic background, with many born abroad.


About one in five of the 1.3 million NHS health workers are from ethnic minorities. But in big cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester, some of their numbers are close to half of all workers from these groups, as keeping many of them away from their current roles will put a lot of pressure on the rest of the workforce.

Health service personnel from different ethnic minorities and their families will also be able to access the test within the first five days of any symptoms, and anyone who needs an FFP3 mask – which provides greater protection from the normal surgical mask will be supported to take the appropriate test as soon as possible Possible.

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